Welcome to my writer’s page. I am Garvey Louison Chartered Certified Accountant, historian and writer. I live on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada.

My articles, short stories, blogs and scripts are a reflection of my Caribbean life and other world wide experiences.

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First, they fired the A team Then they dismantled the B team Destroyed the Under 21 team And disillusioned the Under 18’s Now they are trying run the operation with the reserves. Garvey Louison

Age Matters

At 30 you want: To take on the world. At 60 you want: The world to take you on. Garvey Louison

When A Character Comes Alive

It was a shock for the old couple baking the gingerbread man when they opened the oven and he jumped out and ran away. Their character came alive. The gingerbread man runs away from them and outruns the other characters who were chasing him.
It happens when you finally lay out your character, putting him (or her) through his paces, forcing him to answer the tough questions. What is his purpose in the story? What is his motivation? His height, the color of his eyes, his hair, disease, mental issues and more.


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