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Management by Failure – Part 3

Management by Failure–Part 3

In the third part of this series I test public service management decision-making against set criteria using our case study from St. Lucia.
Using Peter Drucker’s approach:

Management By Failure – Part 2

In the second part of this series I examine public service management in its decision-making role. I use a case study to show this management role.
A decision is a choice whereby a person concludes about a situation. It represents a course of behavior about what must or what must not be done.
The case study is out of St. Lucia based on an article appearing in the Caribbean News Now dated 13 December 2017 captioned “St. Lucia government denies wrongdoing in the award of direct contracts”.

Management By Failure – Part 1

After examining many management concepts, I have not come across the principle of management by failure. Yet, it is possible to manage by failure. I have formed the view that given a set of circumstances management can work for several years unchecked, managing by failure. There are conditions precedent to the occurrence of this phenomenon. These conditions allow this style to feed and sustain itself for many years.
I intend to use a series of articles to show its existence. It is my intention to use management of the public service in the Caribbean over the last thirty years as an example of this style of management. A main condition precedent to develop this style is where management possesses divergent objectives. The public service brings together the ideal circumstances that allow this style to thrive.
In part one of this series I will set out the definitions of management, the public service and the framework of public service management. In part two I will use a case study to examine the functions and responsibilities of management in its decision-making role within the public service and in part three I will test public service management on key decision-making success factors and grade them.


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